Solarside is Australia’s domestic wholesale solar distributor, including solar module, solar inverter, racking, etc.

Our goal is to provide customers with clean energy design solutions, top quality products with good services. We are passionate about the supply of future energy-solar power generation systems, and we are convinced that what we have done today will provide better improvements in future life.

As the most experienced solar system team in the Australian and international markets, we focus on continuous improvement, always combining with the actual needs of customers, providing customers with technical information support, being familiar with and constantly updating their understanding of Australian solar related technologies to stay ahead of the industry in the solutions we provide.

Our main partners are Afore, Delta, Jetion and Suntech, and we will continue to work hard to develop more partners in the future. We always maintain a close relationship with our customers.

Headquartered in Melbourne, the company has a footprint right across Australia nationwide with distribution centers in QLD and VIC.